CEO Points to Ponder When Strategies Go Wrong

The idea of shared services first immerged in the 1980’s when large corporations started to consolidate separate business units or divisions into single entities, achieving considerable cost savings and performance improvements by consolidating back end transactional service departments into group functions. Typically these back end services would include, HR,Finance, IT, procurement, and logistics.

A number of recent SEG clients have attempted similar transitions, some as a result of acquisition and some as a result of the need to make continued improvements in business performance.

One such client engaged Sales edge Group to identify why their expected back end synergy savings had not been achieved.

Case Study 1

SEG were engaged by this business to develop a new business strategy.During the diagnostic phase of the project we realised that something was seriously wrong with the sales and customer service structure of the organisation and its capability for managing change, mobility and collaboration.

Our findings suggested that not enough care had been taken when planning a series of business mergers and that significant cultural and business process issues needed to be addressed before savings could be expected. The collaboration and information sharing structures had not been brought together.

SEG took the organisation through a review of their critical business processes, systems and using the following 10 points, identified where problems lay, developing an action plan to deliver the expected benefits.

In this assignment Sales edge Group will help deliver shared services savings of $30m within a 12 month period.

Our essentials for success are:-

1. The host business must adequately assess risk across the operation

2. User needs and expectations must be identified

3. Sufficient management capacity within the host service is an essential criteria for success.

4. Good planning and change management is required, together with adequate resources to manage the shared service project.

5. Well defined governance arrangements are essential. These must include visible support and continuity through attendance at key meetings from senior managers and directors.

6. Clear service level agreements (SLAs) that are formally documented and agreed by all parties.

7. Transparent clearly defined KPI’s

8. Implementation plans that consider the needs of all businesses or departmental stakeholder needs when implementing shared financial services.

9. Make formal commitments to share information openly and honestly, in particular internal and external audit findings across service providers and service users.

10. Actively promote a constructive working relationship across the shared service.

Our point of difference

As the one of the most experienced Digital, Sales transformation agents and customer service strategy consultants in Australia, our aim is to make it happen. We are not theorists, but practitioners, and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves.

As performance specialists, we practice what we preach. Our own performance is geared to be responsive, focus on core issues, create innovative solutions and get things done.

How innovative do you think you and your team are? Get one of our consultants in to help you with an innovation accelerator session. Grab a piece of innovation and make it count in your business.

Is knowledge Management a process building growth and advancing your business or is it proving a brake to business growth? Our experienced consultants can get stuck in with you and align and engage your teams in proactive growth strategies supported by innovative ideas and motivation.

Often creative marketing leveraging off the latest web technologies is little known in business. The leading use of these innovative marketing tools can set you strongly on a path towards business growth. Our executives can steer you in the use of these powerful strategies.

There is a science to getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any person, they will get rich with mathematical certainty. One of the biggest laws is the law of collaboration.

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