The need to Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency in Business

We focus on the issues that engage Senior Managers, Teams and the Individual in achieving success – the need to enhance effectiveness and efficiencies in an environment of increasing competition and change is a challenge that has been around forever – the main thing is that you have involved your people in the decisions for systems and process.

How engaged are your people and how open to feedback on how well or how badly the systems are?

We look to the fact that the run of business is quantum and not linear. Complexity (broad thinking and dynamic thinking) is correct but just don’t make things complicated (Linear thinking).

Useful Financial Ratios

As we move through this series of blog uploads over the next twelve months we will discuss a single financial ratio and present some interesting facts that may prove it to be of value to your business. Today we will cover the quick ratio

Quick Ratio

CurrentAssets – Stock / CurrentLiabilities

In finance this is known as the Acid test, Quick ratio or the Liquid Ratio and measures the ability of a company to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire current liabilities immediately. Generally the higher the ratio the greater is the company’s liquidity – it is better able to meet current obligations using liquid assets.

There is another version of this ratio which is (Total Assets)/ (Total Liabilities) where total liabilities excludes share capital and retained earnings.

How easily can you measure all of your expenditure on communications and how easily can you allocate use of assets and costs? Where is your expenditure and is it contributing to sales, delivery, finding leads, servicing and supporting your current customers and dealing with issues?

The Quantum of Business

Business is a variable and ever changing environment that challenges all players in its inevitable appearance of chaos. It wasn’t until the arrival of the new age of science that people started to become more philosophical about the world. It has now been reduced to simple parts which imply that business is a beast that operates in exactly the same way full of variables but supported by some basic rules.

Its components are simple and its effects are often unusual and predictable. Einstein was right the quantum of business is E=MC squared!

The Energy, the Effectiveness, the Efficiency and the E Business of a business is directly related to the methodologies and process employed as a product of the capability of the business and its capacity to do the task. This Blog will address some ideas for meeting the changing environment of business …. Contact us for more detail and relevant white papers written by our consultants. Keeping a technological balance whilst focusing on achieving the business objectives is key to success.

Build direction, achieve alignment and gain engagement you get results.

Your feedback is always welcome, we are here and exist simply to help our clients achieve outcomes and maximize business growth.

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