Leadership and Negotiations

A leader should never assume a fixed pie in negotiations – Examine each parties needs and devise a workable solution.

Ask probing questions that will get the specific needs the party has.

Do not push your point whilst trying to understand their point of view – hear what they are saying.

CEO Six points to ponder: month by month we will raise some key points for consideration as a CEO. These are intended to be reminders and thought provokers and have you all asking great questions and having challenging discussion.

  •  Make sure you maximise your profits to keep the shareholder price up.
  •  All of the firms we are dealing with are increasingly being pressured to “go green”.
  •  Next year will be all about cost cutting in the marketing / advertising their green credentials.
  •  The Executive Group should review the stakeholder/shareholder requirements and recalibrate if necessary.
  •  It is time to revitalise and refocus the executive on both company performance and their own performance.
  •  The Company should have no more than three goals and the executive should have a maximum of three targets.
  •  Review the performance of your executive against the objectives you had set these past 6 – 12 months.

We need to focus on today’s most pressing issue – the need to do things and take action… don’t wait for that report or that presentation … get out there and do something. Are your IT and Communications solutions helping your business?

As a wrap up to this article we want to leave you with a thought. How capable are you in your business or is your team at doing business? Are there opportunities you have left on the table? Are you operating at half pace? Are your people and are you in tune with the customer or the clients? Give us a call and let us help you with a review of your capability?

Or any other issues you may want to explore. Go ahead and plan for a fun and growing experience.

“The object of life is development; everything living has a right to all the development it is capable of attaining.”

Make sure your business is focused on the following tasks: 

Making the Sale – SELL Delivering and doing the work – DELIVER

Getting paid for a job well done or a service well delivered – GET REWARDED

Find the next job/order – FIND MORE WORK

Create news about your great work, get referrals, testimonials and tell people about how good you are – TOP OF MIND AWARENESS

Use Web 2.0, SEO, WPO, Social media, Networking, Automated marketing to GENERATE LEADS

Schedule Meetings – PRESENTATIONS – can you use your website to present from?

Send out Quotes and Proposals – MAKE OFFERS – How easy is this process for your people?

These are business fundamentals – tune back to these basics first and see where you are.

Then get out of the first sign of madness – “expecting better results whilst doing the same old thing!” –

Call us for an appointment and let us share the value with you.

We hope this has triggered some thoughts and look forward to hearing from you.

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