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Happy New Financial Year

We hope you will keep them and they may inspire some useful outcomes for you and your business. More importantly we anticipate that they will tease you into thinking about us when you need help with your business, teams, projects or people when they are trying to collaborate, communicate, share business intelligence or just be mobile. Let us know how we can improve the newsletter and we will cherish your feedback as we move forward with you over the years.

Our aim is to revitalize business, adjust it and change it to being a sustainable and growing entity. Which meets the needs as value  that helps you drive your business outcomes.

This blog will cover aspects of selling, operations, financial and marketing and take into account aspects of major importance such as change, risk, capability and capacity to do business. The ideas will from time to time reference tried and tested methodologies where making great use of communications and collaboration along with knowledge management and business intelligence can help you..

Features,Bridges and Benefits

As business leaders we spend a lot of time talking about how important it is that we communicate our product knowledge in the most compelling way possible – as an example selling the difference.

A simple three step process called FEATURES, BRIDGES and BENEFITS (FBBs) is just a way to do that. For instance we tell our prospects a lot of things about ourselves, the Years of Experience and knowledge, the IP built up over the years of practice in Aligning, Engaging and providing Direction for our clients, but if it’s not tailored to exactly what the prospect is interested in, then it will fall on deaf ears. More importantly if it can’t get out to the staff or prospects so as to enable them to buy, operate or sell then all our investment in technology/processes is wasted.

Every piece of value we give needs to be phrased in a way that the seeker of knowledge or the enquiry can easily answer the question “what’s in it for me?” is this going to help me transact or complete my task, project or objective.

Features and benefits are the cornerstone of the value-building process and becoming experts at using them in a compelling way will help us communicate more effectively. This is the key to a winning and energetic business.

The Business Worm – Over the next few months we plan to share business tips with you.

Use these as you see fit and when they raise questions in your mind give us a call…. Here we go:

  •  Always look at ways to increase your average order or sale value – how can or are my systems helping me to achieve this? Remember in the first instance we’re only after a 2% gain in order value, frequency and a decrease in cost of sale and a 2% increase in customer experience to have a significant effect on bottom line.
  •  Always take the opportunity to ask your customer or enquirer “how did you hear about us?” every time they call up. This may seem a bit twee but it will give you vital feedback on your marketing efforts for future business lead development. How are your lead management systems performing? How good is your follow up?
  •  Practice your business presentation in front of a mirror or get your PC, laptop or phone cam to record you and play it back. It’s funny how when you see yourself present you get a shock the first time. Learning comes from this exercise and you build a more credible image… this applies to CEO’s and sales reps … there should be no exceptions. How good is your online image? Is it promoting you? Can your prospects easily contact you? Are the numbers easy to communicate or are they hidden behind a wall of dial options that are cheesing people off?
  •  After you have done a presentation always ask yourself and your colleagues what they thought and “how can I improve?” – This is tough at first but you build the trust of your team and mentor them to build constructive criticism, make sure your online performance can take this feedback, make use of it and adjust your business for improvement.
  •  A pat on the back is priceless for a job well done. You’ll see the value over the coming months.

Welcome to Sales edge group, thank you for your precious time and let’s strive to achieve business outcomes together.

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