Winning Traits of a leader.

A leader needs to present drive, generate fun and motivate enthusiasm whilst keeping the business on track by:

  •  Focusing on Vision, Mission and Goals;
  •  Being aggressive in carrying out the business plan with commitment.
  • Observing the rules of business – Get the work in; get paid for the work; provide

Good leadership within your business is the courage and ability to take well managed risk and the ability to develop dynamic manoeuvre skills – deal with things or take action when circumstance presents. Your leadership can benefit from developing abilities in taking initiative (take action or do something), seeking out the most effective way of achieving success (not the most obvious), captivating customers and doing it differently!

I. The power of positioning

The way you are perceived by your prospect has enormous impact on the way you are seen and the way in which they respond to you. They will adjust their interactions with you based upon their perceptions of your background, experience, business expertise and overall meeting intention.

Positioning is the art of influencing your decision maker’s perceptions. Our team are able to deploy into your business and ensure that you create the correct perception … ask us how.

The Business Worm – Well you’re here for the next round of business tips …

  • If an order comes in by whatever means don’t process it straight away. Try and generate more business by getting in touch with the customer and upselling. This generates the opportunity to ask a question like … “do you  want fries with that?”
  • Concentrate on your positioning and spend less time on fancy artwork. Make sure that all statements remind the reader how easy it is to make contact with your business. Give a reminder reason to get in touch.
  • Send a newsletter that tells your customers and enquiries that you are interested in their needs. Suggest a regular series of great ideas or provoking thoughts that bring them back wanting more…. Get the newsletter to challenge status quo … it will be remembered … you have created top of mind awareness.
  • Keep your customers informed about what you are doing.
  • Make sure your website has a currency … ensure the date is always within three months so they perceive that you are regularly reviewing and updating your site. By doing this and adding news items, social media and other of the latest tools you can build a site that generates leads and enquiries … while you sleep!

II. Management and Leadership is About EXECUTION

Despite the billions of dollars spent every year on strategy formulation, only about 10% of this results to business revenue.

Strategies are carried through to successful implementation. This means that execution, not strategy, is the component that counts.

Key management competency, and that a systematic approach to managing projects and programs is at the top of the strategy development agenda.

Heart of any effective execution process.

If you want to know where an organisation will be in two years, don’t listen to what they say, but look at what they are currently doing. It is the set of programs, projects and activities that they have currently invested the scarce resources of time, money, energy and attention in that are most revealing of their future direction.

III. Useful Financial Ratios

Current Ratio

CurrentAssets  / CurrentLiabilities

The Current ratio is an indicator of a firm’s market liquidity and ability to meet creditor’s demands. Acceptable current ratios vary from Industry to Industry. If a company’s current ratio is within this range then they are considered to have good short term financial strength.

IV. The Quantum of Business

Business is a variable and ever changing environment that challenges all players in its inevitable appearance of chaos. It wasn’t until the arrival of the new age of science that people started to become more philosophical about the world. It has now been reduced to simple parts which imply that business is a beast that operates in exactly the same way.

Its components are simple and its effects are often unusual but eerily predictable. Einstein was right the quantum of business is E=Squared!

The Energy, the Effectiveness, the Efficiency and the E Business of a business is directly related to the methodologies and process employed as a product of the capability of the business and its capacity to do the task. First supporting information or detail for the sub-topic

If you can build a vision for alignment or a great narrative for all the team to perform and engage with then you will build direction towards success.

V. Bottom-Line Negotiation Strategy # 2

Use relative value to your advantage. Negotiators should be willing to make concessions and ask for concessions on things that cost little time, money or effort, but are of immense value.

Ask probing questions that will position your concessions.

Get a good feel for what their ability to make concessions is and how far they feel they can go. Understand what they will perceive as a great concession. Do not push a concession without really hearing what their value perception is.

We appreciate you talking your time to read about getting to the next level, we are here to help in any way possible – Call us and let us help you.

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